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21 Days of Worship and Prayer

Our fast is 24hrs a day from January 2nd to January 22nd, 2016.

Week 3: January 18th - 22nd

No Meats, No Sweets,

No Junk Food, No Fast Food

Frequenly Asked Questions 

(Below are suggestions. For specific answers pertaining to medical conditions, please consult a physician)


Q. I have noticed that since doing the Fast, I nibble more. What can I do to stop from getting the munchies? Also, when I eat, I don't seem to stay full for long. 


A. Meats do tend to take up more space in your stomach, so that is probably why you dont feel full for an extended period of time. Nibbling between meals really is not bad, especially since you cannot nibble on candy, chips, or the like. You could try to consume heavier foods such as potatoes and pastas. Pastas are loaded with carbohydrates, which is a form of sugar, so they can also aid in providing you with a little energy. However, do not overload on pastas because you could find yourself feeling rather tired or drained after you come down off your carbohydrate high.


Q. If someone has problems with decreased volume in breastfeeding based on the low caloric intake from the fast, what non-meat foods can you eat that are still high in calories so that my wife does not have problems with her milk's volume? Also, how should she change her eating that will increase her daily caloric intake.


A. I know it seems like there is so little to eat because of the restriction God has commanded us to put on our flesh during this month, but there is so much we can eat such as beans, potatoes, pastas, breads, rice, and dairy products. You can still have a filling home cooked meal with macaroni and cheese, cabbage, greens, spinach, baked potatoes, and the like and not break the restrictions of the fast...just don't add the sugar!If she feels the need to nibble between meals, it's OK. I would suggest picking up some nuts or raw fruits and vegetables for adequate nutrition.


Q. Is it ok to eat spreadable fruit? I was already on a low carb diet trying to lose weight. I eat low card bread and pasta now with no meats and no sweets, so I need to find something that I can eat that will fill me. The low carb wheat bread and pasta don't seem to fill me up. 


A. If the spreadable fruit is only fruit (no fructose, no corn syrup) then it is OK. The goal is to NOT get filled up. This is a fast of deprivation so that our bodies, minds, and spirits can get in sync with the Holy Spirit and accomplish some of the goals of our prayers. Vegetables, nuts, and fresh fruits will provide volume for you. 


Q. When eating the vegetables and the veggie products we tend to have alot of gas. It tends to happen more often hwen we fast. Do you have any suggestions on how to curb the gas attacks? (i.e., breaking wind) 


A. The gas is coming from the vegetables that are gas-producing. You can try Beano gas drops, or just try Gas-X, or let the gas occur. You will find that it is natural. Same thing with the way garlic comes through our pores.


Q. I am still trying to find a good breakfast. Are Cheerios and Special K acceptable? These are not sweet.


A. Cheerios, Special K, and plain corn flakes are good choices. So are grits, old fashioned oats (especially with sliced bananas), and cottage cheese with fresh fruit like bananas, pineapple, and strawberries. Bagels with cream cheese, or slice cheese (melts after the bagel has been toasted, english muffins toasted with peanut butter (with or without banana or orange slices on top.) 


Q. Are salad dressings and blueberry muffins (that you make from a mix) ok to be consumed on the fast? 


A. Salad Dressings, yes, blueberry muffins, no. Blueberry muffins are a sweet treat, no matter when you eat them.


Q. Are we allowed to eat salads and veggie sandwiches from fast food places?


A. It is better if you make the salad or veggie sandwich from home and take it to work. But if you are out and hungry, those are better than eating french fries!


Q. You mentioned peanut butter for breakfast on a bagel. I have been avoiding peanut butter because I assumed it contained addional sugar. Is it OK to eat Peter Pan or Skippy or does it have to be whole organic with no additional sugar?


A. There is peanut butter with no sugar added.


Q. When fasting, I I find myself tired and drained throughout the day and I was wondering if I need to take a multi vitamin as a supplement?


A. We definitely recommend that you take a multi-vitamin (that contains iron) during this time of fasting. Food is a source of energy for your body, and because you are not intaking the amount of food you normally do, your energy levels are low. A multi-vitamin will help give you that extra boost you are looking for. Also, when you do eat, try to intake leafy green vegetables because they are loaded with iron which will also boost your energy levels. Try eating a salad with romaine lettuce, baby spinach and other leafy greens with one of your meals.


Q. This is the first time my family has fasted this way and I am nursing and I have very high cholestorol that is said to be hereditary. My oldest daughter who is 10 years old also has it. Can you please provide us with some tips on how to fast without using eggs as a protein. I have been using the beans as a source of protein, but both the baby and I have been very gased up. I would normally eat lean meats to help with my cholesterol levels, which have been between the range of 412-517 so maybe this fast will help in this area.


A. You can use tofu as a source of protein as well as cheese, walnuts, or veggie burgers (Morning Star and Boca have a large variety of substitutes). You may also want to try a protein powder to add to your juice or milk. But anytime you have a high fiber diet, you're going to have gas simply because your body is not accustomed to it. The high fiber will help lower your cholesterol. We would encourage you to use this time of fasting and praying to break this generational curse of high cholesterol and proclaim total healing for you and your daughter in Jesus' name!


Q. Are we allowed to eat all fruits?


A. Yes, you can eat all fresh fruits.


Q. I work in a technology training. Being in technical training requires me to talk a great deal, especially in close proximity to people for application and support systems training. I usually chew sugarless gum, but I want to be in compliance with the fast. If I cannot chew this for my breath, what else can I do to make sure my breath is not offensive during the day?


A. You are allowed to chew sugarless gum during the fast for the purpose of eliminating bad breath. Just don't get carried away and try to use it as a filler for hunger pangs.


Q. What kinds of cereal can we eat that taste okay & we don't have to add sugar. Are these foods okay: Multi-grain cheerios, peaches & cream oatmeal, grilled cheese, CranGrape juice, grape juice, club house crackers, Pedisure, Ensure, vegetable lasagna (by stouffers - I don't cook), baked french fries?


A. Steer clear of foods that are pleasant to the senses, as if you don't you will find yourself binging on them. Like bowls of cheerios, with Soy or Rice milk. One is enough. Read the label for the CranGrape as it is a juice drink not juice, and the veggie lasagna is fine for the first week, but a no-no for the no dairy week. Make your own using cheese substitutes. Now, doesn't peaches and cream oatmeal even SOUND pleasing? It's a no-no.


Q. Is it's okay to have a bagel w/cream cheese & fruit blueberry? Is it okay to have a Blueberry Bagel?


A. Sounds too good to be true? Then it is. Nope!


Q. During no junkfood week, is it okay to have a Baked Potato w/sour cream & side salad from Wendy's? Not trying to still get junkfood but, what if you are on your lunch break and you are far away from home?


A. A baked potato and side salad are good choices. You should skip the sour cream (and cheese and butter) but could have the broccoli and some margarine, and go with a vinagrette for the salad. Even better would be to bring it from home. Try planning for your meals ahead of time.


Q. I drink Very Vanilla Silk Soy milk. It has evaporated cane juice as one of it's ingredients. Is that ok?


A. Very Vanilla Silk Soy - yummmmm, sounds so good! It tastes like a milkshake, too! So for the fast, go with the plain. It won't hurt you, it is not as pleasing, and you will feel more like you are sacrificing for the Lord.


Q. This is my first real fast. I've fasted in the past, but my mind and heart was not in it. My question is can I have the wild sweet orange tea with a benefiber drink mix - raspberry flavor?


A. Wild SWEET orange tea with benefiber DRINK MIX-RASPBERRY. It would be better for you to use 100% fruit juice, diluted with spring water, and add your plain benefiber powder. Same effect, and follows the rules!


Q. I know that we are supposed to fast from coffee. I have a hard time not drinking coffee. Is there anything else i can drink? I don't want to make excuses, I just need help in this area. 


A. Drink water. Drink 100% fruit juice. Make fruit and vegetable juice combinations. Carrots make great juice, as do tomatoes with garlic, onion and green pepper. Add a little sea salt and tobasco and it tastes better than V8. Orange juice flash blended with 2 or 3 strawberries and three or four grains of sea salt simply bursts with flavor. Take this time to try new things, and give your cravings and addictions over to Jesus. He will never leave you nor forsake you. 


Q. Can you have a slim fast drink for a meal replacement?


A. Slim Fast should not be a meal replacement during the fast because it has dairy (except for a specific formula), and because they are all nice and sweet. Like drinking a shake, you know. So, no-no.


Q. Can we have eggs during the week that there is no dairy?


A. Dairy includes products that come from the cow's udders. Milk and milk products. Eggs come mainly from chickens. They have not been restricted in the past. 


Q. Is bread is a part of the dairy family?


A. Bread is not a part of the dairy family. Dairy comes from cows. Bread is a part of the grain family.


Q. I am on medicine for high blood pressure. Will I be ok doing the fast?


A. For folks on Blood Pressure Medication - the fast is totally healthy for you, and with a few additions will mimic the very heart healthy Mediterranean diet.


Q. My husband and I are diabetics. When the fast changes to no diary and breads, what can we eat?  I know veggies and fruits, but what else? We are trying to do right but we were told that those that are taking meds, should eat sensibly. Please educate us.


A. Your diet should always be made up of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Every day. Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, and Peanuts, fortunately can provide all of the components of a balanced diet. Soy is a bean (vegetable) and comes in many different forms for edible use. Experiment! There are whole grain pastas, and soy cheese substitute, use these with lots of your better known veggies, and make a great lasagna. Have a crisp salad with toasted walnuts, orange segments, and bean sprouts, with an olive oil, vinegar, orange zest, and sea salt dressing, and you may never go back to your traditional dinners. Baked Potatoes that you have sliced (with the skin on) sauteed with mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, in a Pam'd pan until the potatoes are crisp, with scrambled soft tofu (tastes like eggs when you add some salt and pepper), and 12-grain toast is a great Saturday morning breakfast. You can do it!


Q. 1. What else can I drink besides water? 100% juice has sugar added. 2. The fast says NO DAIRY. Just need to make sure that bread, flour tortillas, pasta and Alfredo sauce are all dairy products? 3. If my family cannot eat dairy products, then please tell me what else I can feed them that will stick to the body, because when it comes to dinner time a lot of fruits don't help the stomach. 


A. 100% juice does not have sugar added. Maybe the bottle you are buying has as its ingredients listed: 100% juice, water, sugar or corn syrup, preservatives, color, etc. If you buy Welches Grape, or Juicy Juice for instance, they are 100% juice, no water added, no sugar added. What's great, is that they are so naturally sweet, you can dilute them at home with water and get more for your buck, and less glycemic load for your family's bodies. Dairy includes those things that come from Bossie the Cow. Out of the things that you listed, Alfredo sauce (because it is mainly cheese) is dairy. Check some of the suggestions following for ideas for your family, and remember to think outside of the box. Almost all dairy items have nut and vegetable substitutes. Soy milk, cheese and other foods. Rice milk and other foods. Almond butter, milk and other foods. Tofu, Edamame, Soybeans, Soybean Oil, SoyMilk, Soy yogurt, Soyburgers, more, all from the abundant SOYbean. Substitute non-dairy items for the dairy in the online recipes. And check out recipes by going to Google, and putting in the ingredient you want to use, like Eggplant.


Q. Can you tell me whether or not I can use margarine since it is composed of vegetable oil?


A. Corn oil margarine is the best choice (unless you can find soybean oil margarine); because yes, corn and soybeans are vegetables. You can also use olive oil, and it is much more flavorful.


Q. Is soy milk considered dairy? Also, can we eat apple cinnamon oatmeal?


A. Soy milk is not dairy. It comes from the soybean, not the cow. Apple Cinnamon oatmeal is fine as long as you use plain oatmeal, add your own apples and cinnamon, and not a pre-packaged mix that is chock full of sugary goodness!



Have A Question About Fasting?

Thank you for sharing your question pertaining to the 2015 Fast!

Q. I have been consuming all natural fruit juices and coffee from Bolthouse Farms. I also tried the TLC all natural trail mix granolabars. Is this allowed? Thanks


A. Try taking your fast to the next level and eliminating the coffee (a little too stimulating). I don't specifically know the brand TLC, but I think granola bars may be a little too pleasing and sweet to be allowed on the fast. Try to make your own granola with some dried fruit (allowed), a variety of lightly toasted and coarsely chopped nuts (allowed), and some toasted soybeans (allowed). Instead of very sweet (from the honey and or corn syrup that is used to make granola bars stick together) use a little spice from your cabinet like nutmeg (just a little), cinnamon (a little more than the nutmeg), even some allspice, and a little freshly ground black pepper. You can even use a little soysauce (from the soybean), and olive oil shaken together and sprinkled over the mix on a cookie sheet, and heat through in the oven. Once it cools, store it in a zip baggie, and eat on that! Gotta go. I need to make some of that right now!


Q. Are tator tots, french fries, hash browns, and totilla chips from restarants considered junk food?


A. The fast states, NO JUNK FOOD, NO FAST FOOD. This includes all FAST FOOD restuarants such as McDonald's, Burger King, etc... The items in question are considered junk food as they have absolutely no nutritional value.


Q. Is I Can't Believe It's Not Butter considered a dairy product?


A. That is a vegetable oil compound. There may be some milk solids in it for more rich flavor, and if so, then for the fast, stick with generic margarine that is not quite so pleasant.


Q. I take diabetic medications. With the grain only... what can I eat, especially for breakfast?


A. Kashi cereal with soy or rice milk, and sliced banana, or rice krispies with sliced peaches or strawberries, and soy milk. One piece of 12-grain toast with almond butter or peanut butter (watch out for the brands' amount of added sweeteners), and 4 ounces of grape, apple, or orange juice diluted with spring water to 8 ounces is a great start! Always, hot oats or cream of wheat with sliced banana or plumped raisens is good and good for cold mornings. Both of those provide complex carbs that last until past mid-morning.


Q. Is it OK to eat long grain/wild rice during the NO FAST FOOD portion of the fast? I also wanted to know is it OK to eat at Subway and Carryouts if you are only ordering veggie meals?


A. Grains (rice is a grain) are allowed. No fast food, so no to Subway and definitely no to Chinese carryouts. It would be great to say not to Chinese carryouts even after the fast. Just say no to MSG, and not knowing what is in your food!


Q. Can you specify the no dairy aspect of this fast?


A. Think of Bossie the Cow, and leave her behind. Nothing that comes from the cow. We already may not have her flesh (beef), and during no dairy weeks, we may not have her milk or milk products, including cheese, cream, half-n-half, butter, yogurt, cream cheese, ice cream, frozen yogurt, nacho CHEESE, CHEESE cracker sandwiches, grilled CHEESE. NOTE: dairy for the fast does not include eggs. Eggs come from chickens, not cows. Our pastors may restrict eggs, and if so, then no eggs either.


Q. During the NO DAIRY portion of the fast what can we use in its place? Also is it correct that we can only have rye or pumpernicle bread?


A. There are lots of substitutions. Whole Foods, Yes Organics, and other natural food stores have shelves that are stocked full of dairy substitutes. When you think of dairy, think of Bossie the Cow, and all she provides to a farm family. Milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and more. Now go into the store and look next to those items and you will see Soy products, Rice products, Almond products, Corn products and more. Think outside the box, with the first substitute - Corn oil margarine... and go from there. For the breads, you can have whole grains. There are more grains than I bet you have even tasted, including flaxseed. Wheat is only one. Rye is another, but there is Amaranth, Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, including whole cornmeal and popcorn, Millet,Oats, including oatmeal, Quinoa Rice, brown rice and colored rice, Rye, Sorghum (also called milo), Teff, Triticale, Wheat, including varieties such as spelt, emmer, farro, einkorn, Kamut?, durum and forms such as bulgur, cracked wheat and wheatberries, Wild rice to name a little more than a few.


Q. Can we eat 100% Grain Bread and morning Star vegetable burgers and Breakfast saugage?


A. Sure can! Just not too often, or you may get a soy overload, and suffer some abdominal discomfort. Add some fresh veggies to your meal to round out the protein and carbs. Mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, even olives.


Q. This is my first time fasting. Can I have Cinnamon, Raison bread, applesauce, breyers all natural ice cream, fruit cups and fat free sugar free pops (Edy's)?


A. You can have cinnamon and raison bread as long as there is NO SUGAR ADDED - this includes sugar substitues as stated. The same applies for applesauce - it must be all natural, no sugar added. You may find this at your local grocery store or a whole food store. Ice cream is not allowed nor are the Edy's fruit cups and fruit pops.


Q. I see a lot of the receipes on line call for Smart Menu chicken or steak strips. Is there a special store I have to go to to get these or are they in Giant/Safeway, etc.?


A. You can find these items (and others like it - i.e. Morning Star, Boca, etc.) at your local grocery store.


Q. My question is that I am active in dance inside and outside of church. I do praise and worship every other Sunday and rehearsal is on Tuesday's. Also, my dance classes are 31/2 to 4 hours long on Friday nights & Saturday afternoons. I normally drink gatorade in order to keep me going. Am I still able to drink it or do I need to find something else. I was told Pedialite is good but it doesn't taste too good. Can you please give me a solution?


A. Keeping hydrated is definitely essential with your active lifestyle. I would recommend drinking 100% juices which contain essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Also, don't forget your water!


Q. I'm am not a huge meat eater for taste. However, Ive been doing a low-carb diet for sometime ONLY for weight-loss. and I have lost some weight. When I evaluate my fast in my heart, giving up meat is still NOT a sacrifice for me. This type of fast is a breeze for me and frankly freedom from low-carb. Likewise, doing a low-carb diet while it is hard, it's certainly NOT a fast either. Getting rid of the sugar, caffine, white bread, over-eating are very much things that would be a sacrifice for me. I'm thinking that it would be better to tackle those strong holds in my life rather then worry so much about the fast exactally like everyone else. How do you recommend that I approach this?


A. Our Pastors always encourage us to take our fasting to new levels each year, especially for those who have fasted numerous times previously with the church. If you feel as if you are not sacrificing anything, then feel free to add restrictions to your fast. Some individuals are fasting no meats, no sweets, no junk food, no bread, no dairy, and eating only one meal a day. Allow GOD to minister to you and tell you what you need to fast. He could tell you to give up television in addition! At minimum do what our Pastors have told us to do, and if God is leading you to do more, then do it.


Q. In a previous question, someone asked if using salad dressing was exceptable. And your answer was yes. Can you please let me know what salad dressing is exceptable that does not have sugar in it?


A. It is going to be extremely difficult finding salad dressing without any sugar in it. May foods we eat have some form of sugar in it. It would be impossible to completely eliminate all sugar. The goal is to eliminate foods such as cakes, sugary snacks, added sugar in beverages and other foods, and honey. You may be able to find dressing at a whole food store that has no sugar, but regular salad dressing is fine. The only salad dressing I will not eat is Honey Mustard (the name speaks for itself). This is one of those areas where you have to let the Lord lead you.


Q. I have not done so great with the fast in the past. I really want to succeed in this, but I've had a hard time. I know I have to start reading the scriptures to help me. I also know that obedience is a sacrifice. I am a hairstylist working long hours. I am not eating right or at the right times. Please help me to condition myself more in proceeding with the fast. Do you have any tips for my weakness? I am a new member, I would have to say that this is my first real fast that I truely want to do right in honor of God. (HELP)


A. Well let me start off by saying that you are doing the right thing... asking for help. Bring God your truth, and He will in turn give you His Truth! Fasting is all about sacrifice and bringing your flesh under subjection to your spirit man. During those times when you feel like grabbing a piece of meat or something sweet, PRAY! If you don't know what to pray about, pray in the Holy Ghost and ALWAYS pray the scriptures that are on the website. Whatever you do, don't give up! This body, VCMI, needs every supply of every joint! If you mess up, repent, and get back on track! You can eat multiple meals a day, so during your long work hours snack on some fruit, fresh veggies, or nuts. Bananas are an excellent source of energy. So, keep up the good work! We're all standing with you!


Q. Is it ikay to eat Jiffy corn bread if no sugar is added to it. My family eats cornbread with Chili. We normally would add sugar, but is it ok to eat it if we don't add sugar? I noticed the box said it contains 7 grams of sugar. My husband and thinks it's ok since most of the 100% fruit juices have more than 20 grams of sugar. We are not trying to use it as a sweet, but as a substitute for eating rice. 


A. Not eating sweets goes beyond the amount of sugar grams contained in a food product. The sugar count found on the back of food packages includes more than just the sugar you are referring to. It includes the good carbs (complex carbs), the bad carbs (simple carbs), and starches. What you need to focus on adding sugar to your foods along with those foods that you just know are classified as sweets. The best rule of thumb is, if you're in doubt, don't eat it :-) !!


Q. I am a new member at the church, any church for that matter. I am trying to give this year a fresh start and participate in the church functions. I am currently 5 months pregnant and I am wondering do I follow the same fast as listed, or is there a different fast that I should be following?


A. First let us say Welcome to the family! Those who are pregnant or nursing can participate in the fast. Eliminating processed sugars from your diet will actually benefit you and your child. These sugars cause addictions and aid in depression. The sugar-free sweeteners are not healthy either as they contain chemicals that can harm your body. Fruits, on the other hand, are naturally sweet and contain antioxidants and fiber. There may be certain levels of the fast that you will not be able to participate in. For example, if we only eat one meal a day, you would be exempt from that level of fasting. This information is always noted on the main information page so be sure to check it out on a weekly basis as the fast progresses.

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