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NYE Prophetic Word: THE TIME HAS COME!



Hear Me this day, My Beloved children, receive this word from your Father. Your night season is over, the morning has come. I say to you rejoice and again I say rejoice, for this is the hour of your greatest breakthrough and Supernatural manifestation in your lives. I tell you this Beloved, your time has come.


This is the hour of the great outpouring of wealth, favor and anointing on My people. I have called for a great Expansion. Expansion of your business, Expansion of your ministry, Expansion of your finances, Expansion of your territory. This is the time of the Kingdom take over. This, My Beloved, is the time to gather the great harvest of souls that is waiting to be delivered and set free from the bondage of the wicked one.


I have given you, Beloved, a courage and a Boldness to move forward. Move forward in that which I have called you to do and who I have called you to be. I say to you, children of the Most High God, there is No More Delay. Seek Me like never before, for l shall surely open your eyes so you can see, open your ears so you can hear, open your hearts so you can receive.


Doors that were once closed are now open; Remember the heart of the king is in My Hand and I can turn it either way I please. Know this Beloved, I have turned the hearts of the people that I've raised up to help you in your favor. This is the hour of obedience to My instructions. This is the time to fear not. For I am with you. This is the time to go where no man has gone before. I tell you this children, all of My promises are Yes and Amen. Surely, I will Bless the working of your hands and give you everywhere your feet tread. I have eliminated all excuses, so I say to you Beloved, Rise up! Occupy! Subdue and Conquer! Take back what the devil has stolen! No More Delay for the time has come!


The Word of the Lord for us!

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