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2018 Corporate Fast

Fast From Meats & Sweets for 30 Days

Each Family Will Have Devotion Daily

Each Campus Will Have Regular Bible Study

Orlando Campus Bible Study is on Wednesday nights at 7pm

Each Campus Will Have Prayer Service on Friday nights at 7pm


We're EXCITED about The Year of Harvest for us!  2018 will be a year like no other! We are equally excited about our 30-Day Fast, which begins January 2nd and continues through the 31st!  


During the month of January, we are coming together as individual families, and as a church family, to hear from God concerning 2018.  Our Apostles, Tony and Cynthia Brazelton, have been led to dedicate the month of January to a season of prayer and fasting.  During this time of consecration, we are believing God to hear clearly concerning our part in this great harvest.  Our spirits will be revived, our souls will be edified, and we will receive clear divine revelation, in order to maximize this season.  We will pray, expand our capacity to believe God, and release our faith for the harvest of souls He has destined the global VCMI church to both win and disciple.


We believe the key to winning the lost is accurately reflecting Jesus in this world.  The world is looking for Jesus.  They will find Him in us!  The more we discover Jesus, the more we discover our true selves, and the more people will see Jesus in us.  As Jesus is, so are we, in this world (1 John 4:17).


This time of consecration will provide an opportunity for your family to learn more about what it means to pray and to lead the lost to Jesus. These devotionals are designed to help us focus on our requirement to pray, on the revelation of who Jesus is, and on our responsibility to evangelize the world. 

Together, we will spend our 30-Days of Consecration by following our Devotional Guide. Do this with your families/friends daily and experience great victory together!


We have made our devotional guide available in two formats this year:

For digital devices:

Click the image above to download this format, if you intend on reading the devotions on a digital device, such as a tablet or phone.


On Apple iOS devices, please save the file into the iBooks app.  This will provide the best experience.  Android users, please use your PDF reader or choice.

For printing hard copies:

Click the image above to download the hard copy format, if you intend to print the devotional guide.


Our fast is 24hrs a day from January 2nd-31st.  


A few helpful tips to guide you in your time of fasting:

1.  Keep a prayer journal.  Write out your prayers and scriptures you're standing on. Share your testimonies with family and friends as the prayers are answered.


2.  Read the New Testament and focus on God.  As God provide you with revelation from your reading write it down and date it.  A reading guide has been provided to assist you each day.


3.  Use the time to disconnect from social media, television, radio(other than Christian), games, books other than the Word of God(Unless it's school or work related.  Remember this is a sacrifice).


4.  Drink plenty of water at all times.  While you abstain from certain foods, remember your focus should not be on food.  Focus on your life being changed forever because of this time spent in the presence of God.

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